K&C MH CARERS TOWN HALL MEETING - Tuesday 19th October 2010 19:00-21:00


NOT TO BE MISSED. This month's presentation will be facilitated by our special guest Siri Nirankar, a master in Yoga.
CREATING SELF-LOVE is developing an unshakeable relationship with ourselves, an intense oneness, because the Self is the source of love. It is in our actions and not so much what we do, it is how we do what we do. Love is strength. Love is goodness. So love cannot be exposed outside yourself.
Learn techniques to put yourself in a better state of mind instantly by Breathing Away Depression and Anxiety with powerful techniques. Experience some of the practices that will be offered on the forthcoming holistic retreat in the country. Come and find out more about the programme and take the opportunity to book your interest. Refreshments will be provided and information shared.
The meeting is taking place at Committee Room 2, Kensington Town Hall (Civic Entrance), Hornton Street, London W8 7NX. Nearest tube: High Street Kensington. For more information please contact Monique on mob: 0789 454 2241.